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For Information call: (02) 4285 8888


If you need any additional info just give me a call. You can also e-mail us on: info at levinelectric dot com and don't forget that only Zero Emission = Clean Air. Cheers!








Vectrix - Levin Electric



Vectrix - Levin Electric

Welcome to Levin Electric


The interest in the Vectrix electric bike has been phenomenal and as a result we are not able supply any bikes at this moment, but do not let this stop you.


Call us on (02) 4285 8888 or send us an e-mail with your name,  phone, post code and of course your e-mail address so we can make a note of your interest and we will contact you as soon as we have bikes available for sale.


You are also welcome to visit me at Corrimal to see my Vectrix electric bike, to ask any questions and to register your interest in  person and we will get back to you as soon as we have some good news.


We are not a typical retail shop and recommend that you ring to check that  my bike is here before coming over to avoid disappointment.


Corrimal is a suburb on the north side of Wollongong and only a few minutes walk from local train station for those who wish to catch a train from Sydney (only 75 km to Central) or Nowra directions. You can also take the freeway from Sutherland to Wollongong and come down Bulli Pass making us about an hour's drive from many parts of Sydney.


Quick summary of the Vectrix


  -  100% Electric, to fill up just plug into any standard power point!

  -  Carries two people easily and comfortably

  -  Top speed 100 km/h

  -  0 to 80 in 6.5 seconds

  -  Minimal maintenance

  -  Very quiet operation

  -  Zero tailpipe emissions (in fact no tailpipe at all)


I ride my Vectrix on a daily basis and it is so convenient to just plug it in at home at the end of the day, or if necessary at work during the day when I am not using the bike anyway.


Riding the Vectrix has to be the easiest and most fun-filled way to reduce greenhouse gasses and make a real difference to global warming ... and the best part is that you don't have to wait for some future technology or a new invention or to sell your car and rely on public transport:




You can register your interest in The Vectrix electric bike with us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


We look forward to showing you the bike and answering any questions you may have.

Vextrix is a cleaner, greener transport option for the future.


Happy riding,

Erik Levin